Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My house...

Hi ya'll!
OK, so sorry I haven't said anything for practically FOREVER, but well, I've been in my house...

We closed successfully on the 30th of November, as planned. We got to the house, and everything fell into place: the electricity was on, the water and natural gas were turned on that afternoon.
Hal works with a guy who volunteered to come over and help us replace our water heater Sat. afternoon (Dec 1st). After they got it in, we almost had disaster: it wasn't venting out of the house! So we went and bought a ladder, and climbed into the attic. There was nothing we could do there, so up we climbed to the roof. After I fished a bird's nest (including the dead bird) out of the water heater vent pipe, it worked just fine.

Since then, I've been working on cleaning the walls, putting things away, and Christmas.
We had an ancient (60s -- we were told by everyone who saw it to not try to turn it on, including the professional "gas man") in the wall gas oven and counter-top range. (see the pictures) We decided to rip them out and get a free standing range. Hal spent an evening ripping them out of the wall, and removing the cupboard where the range top was-- that was fun! It was built in place with hundreds of nails... Sorry I didn't get pictures of the event!

We had a window that had been broken, and was now missing a panel. We found a glass panel for it in the house and while I was cleaning it, I broke it. So, the window is covered in plastic until we get a new panel.

I think that's all the updating I have time for right now! Hopefully we'll get internet soon, and I can do this at home again...
Later! Have wonderful days!

And I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!