Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's done!

OK! My stuff has arrived and after a LOT of aggravation, it's in my storage shed! Hurray!!!!

For all who don't know, we hired a moving company (World Moving Services) to move our stuff. We thought that it would cut down on our stress during this transition in our lives, and make the whole thing more enjoyable. Biggest mistake of my life!!! It added to the frustration and added it's own problems. I can't seem to say exactly what happened without rambling for pages and pages, so lets just say, for now, that it was a horrible experience. All of our worst fears came true.

But I have learned a valuable life lesson...
I will never again hire some twit to move my belongings. You live and learn I guess.

But all our stuff (hopefully) is now here with us.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Well, we're here!!!

OK, so we made it safely to our new home (our hotel) and have settled in (mostly).

We are discovering all the things that we have forgotten to do before we came...
Like get Hal's Social Security card from his mom, or get out his passport, or, you know , something that can prove he can work here in the United States of America... (Thanks for rescuing us Mom! You're the best!)

Now I just have to wait for our truck full of belongings to get here and get it all in our storage shed (we've picked one of those already!!!) and find us a place to live and a bank and job for me and something for me to drive and... and... and... (I'm out of thoughts to list)...