Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Checking in...

Hi everyone!
Boy, it's been a while, huh? (Sorry about that... we're alive and well! I'm just a slacker!)

Hal started his job in Houston on Dec 1st. He came down for a week, then drove 6 1/2 hours home for the weekend, then came back down for 2 weeks (staying in a hotel this whole time). Then we went home for Christmas.
In the meantime, I was working my job in Wichita Falls, and working with my brother David on my house. (He did a most fabulous job of re-doing my bathroom! And I love the floor and counter in my kitchen!) Thanks David! I'm awfully sad to move out of my "brand new" house!

Christmas in Idaho... was COLD! Suddenly I remember why it is we moved to Texas... To get far far away from the *brrrr* cold snow! It was wonderful to see our families! We love you all! We had lots of fun hanging out, talking & laughing, playing games, and enjoying the children and animals! (We've got some adorable nieces and nephew!)

Once we got back to Texas in January, Hal headed back to Houston, and I followed a day later, after taking care of some business (picking up accumulated mail, etc...) in Wichita Falls. I was here for a week, finding us an apartment and getting us moved in (not much stuff to move in, just what we had in our hotel room.) Then I left Hal here in Houston, again, and headed back to pack and work on the house a bit more. Two weeks later, we rented a giant (26 ft) rental truck, Hal came up for the weekend with some friends from Houston (a wonderful lady he works with, Anita, and her awesome husband Nino) to help pack the truck, hang trim around the newly renovated rooms, and drive back to Houston, where we unloaded our giant truck. Boy, we've got lots of stuff! *Sigh* One of these times we move, I'll just leave it all behind, I swear! :) Ok, probably not...

I stayed in Houston for a couple of weeks, lazing around, hanging out with Hal, dreading going back to finish up the house... Then I went back to Wichita Falls, where I spent two weeks working on my house and being sick. Amazingly enough, I finally finished and got the house listed "for sale."
On impulse, after another long day of working, I packed up the remainder of my belongings and started my drive back to Houston at 6 pm... It's a six hour drive, in good traffic... I gotta say, I was a bit loopy and tired when I made it - safely, I should add!

So, for anyone keeping track, Hal and I have, since the beginning of December, lived apart for 3 weeks, together for 3, apart for 2, together for 2, apart for 2 and now we're back together again! We decided we'd rather be living together, than six hours apart. It's awful!

It's kind of sad to be leaving our pretty house! (It wasn't pretty before, but now it sure is!) But we're excited to move again, and start a new chapter in our lives. That's my grand ol' summary of what's happened in our lives lately!

I'll post pictures of my pretty house soon!