Friday, February 12, 2010

Failed already!

We have the most amazing sister-in-law (you know who you are! Love you!) who always remembers to send us birthday cards for our birthdays. It makes us feel loved and special. Amazing what a little card can do, huh?

I love that she does this! And I've decided I want to be like her when I grow up. :)

I do... awful... at it. Not because I don't remember everyone's birthdays - 'cause I always know when they are. (I'm clever like that.) Or because I don't have the card. (Two years ago, I went out and got cards for everyone's birthdays in the next 4 months - there were I think 11, and mailed I think 3 of them...)
But because I always forget to put a card in the mailbox. How hard is that really? Well, apparently very difficult! At least for me! I always think "I'll mail it closer to their birthday" and then the day before, or of, I'm like "oh no! I haven't mailed that card yet!"

Anyways, I started the year off with a bang... as in, I was late for Hal's sister Mary's birthday, which is Jan 1st. But in all fairness, I did mail it when we got back from Christmas... on the 30th.
So at least I mailed it before her birthday, right? And I mailed something!

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday (happy 19th birthday Ben!) and the day after that is Hal's brother's birthday (happy 19th birthday Ryan!) and I have yet to mail either card. So, once again... FAIL!!!


Maybe I'll do better next month for Holly's birthday?

I'm hoping I can successfully do at least half of the year's birthdays on time! We'll see how it goes! But now that I've told all of you what my plan is.. I'll have to send cards, right?

So, just for my own calculations, I've got:
1 in Jan: Mary
2 in Feb: Ben(19), Ryan(19)
1 in March: Holly(13)
3 in April: "A"(3), Dad A, Michelle
1 in May: Cindy
4 (5 if I count me) in June: Hal, Lacey, Mom A, David, Dani
2 in July: "C"(1), "S"(8)
3 in August: Dad B, Kelly, Skyler
4 in Sept: "L"(3), "I"(5), Zac(11), Jake(13)
2 in Oct: Nick, Blaine
3 in Nov: Mem, Nickie, Mom B
1 in Dec: "E"(2)

That's 26 cards to mail out this year! (I'm not mailing one to myself or Hal.) Plus the card I'll send when Cindy has her baby in June. Then that'll be 27! Holly crap! That's a lot of birthday cards! One month at a time...

If you'll excuse me, I need to go mail Ben & Ryan's cards! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

I had an epiphany!

This morning I woke up super excited! And rushed to find Hal to tell him what I'd learned in my sleep. (Yes, I periodically learn in my sleep. Like this time!)

People bet (as in gamble money) on things like football games so they can say "Hurray! We won!" and cheer and be excited... for they truly have won something.
Ta Da!!!! Epiphany!

Apparently I was still pondering my question of why it is people say "we" won, when they had nothing to do with it.
I can grasp why people say "we" sometimes... almost.
Say the High School football team wins a game. Technically the players who played (and the coach, I guess) are the only ones who win. But all of the players on the side line are part of the team, so they can all say "we" won.
I can even grasp the whole student body saying "we" won, it was the school's team.
I can even grasp the city saying "we" won. The school is in the city. (Or in the case of small schools that encompass a lot of area, the whole area can win.)

But much bigger than that and you can not possibly think you had anything to do with the win, 0r loss as the case may be. It's just delusional! You had no influence, no connection, no nothing!

So I'm back to my epiphany. You bet on the team, so you can win, too. Makes sense, almost, huh? :) I'm so proud of myself! I figured it out!

And if any of you feel like bashing on my discovery, keep it to yourself! I'm hoping I won't have to dream about crazy neighbors anymore! Ugh!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guess what?

The Saints won the super bowl. Guess how I know?

My neighbors are screaming loudly in front of my house:
"We did it!"
"Wahoo! We f-ing did it!"
"The f-ing Saints won the f-ing Super Bowl!" (This is said with happiness, not displeasure...)
(Sorry, without the expletives it loses some of it's ... "charm." And I'm editing, not them.)

And then they dance to the music being played from the cars with all their doors wide open ...
The little kids all have balloons, running up and down the street...
There's a man (who's like 35 or something) strutting up and down the street in his tank top yelling "we did it! We did it!" over and over...
There's people calling others on their cell phones, shouting to be heard over the other people shouting...

We find it funny.
We just snuck to the window and video taped it. We'll try and post some of it tomorrow. It'll give you a taste of our neighborhood.

All I can think is... Wow... people sure get attached to their football team!
Is a team winning a game hundreds of miles away something "we" did? Or was it just "them" who did it?
Anyways, good night, ya'll!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We fixed it!

Hal helped me dye my hair last night, in an effort to fix the missed spot... (isn't he a nice guy?! While he didn't want to help me, he did anyways! I sure do like him!)
It worked! Mostly. We used a brown dye I had, and the bright red is now a darker brownish red (more what I wanted in the first place), and the blond spot in the back of my head is just brown. Hmmm... well, at least it's harder to see brown in the middle of the red-ish brown, than blond in the middle of the bright red! Yay!
And so far, my hair hasn't started breaking off, or falling out. It does feel a bit... dead. (Think old ratty stuffed animal fur dead.) Not pleasant! But I'll just condition well, and we'll see if I can get it softer again.
So, now I know. I can dye my hair twice in one day without it all falling out, it just doesn't feel real great! And I probably shouldn't try dying my hair again all by myself, unless I'm really OK with my old color showing through! Hey! Now I know why they say "go within three shades of your old shade!" :)
I know, I've got a goofy grin... At least I wasn't yawning!
Which color is better? Can you actually see a difference?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hair pictures & oops!

When Hal got home, I had him help me take a picture of my hair.
Pretty color, huh?
Hal says it actually looks more natural looking in the picture than it does in real life. It's kind of... florescent...

So, after I dyed it, I was all excited! I was sitting here thinking about how good it looks, and remarking to myself (yes, I do talk to myself all the time) that I can dye it all by myself!

And then I heard a knock on my door. It was my friends - the missionaries! The elders stop by about once a week to chat with me for a while and share a message. They claim I'm a fun person to chat with in the middle of the day. I enjoy talking with them! Even if I do get cold sometimes! (Due to policy - either just this mission, or churchwide, I'm not sure - they can't come into my house unless there's a man here, like my husband. So we sit on my front porch to talk.)

Anyways, their first comment was that I'd dyed my hair! I was like "yup. Just barely. I did it myself." One of them (Elder Lewis, he's from Boise) paused... and then asked "what's the back look like?" I told him that I thought I did a good job, and asked him his opinion. And I turned around. And he laughed. And informed me it wasn't good. *sigh*
Well, at least he told me the truth! It's not good!
Somehow, I seem to have missed an entire section of my head! It's either that or for some reason this section didn't "take" the color, which I guess might be possible, but not likely.

Teach me to not go back and look at my hair again after it has dried! My hair - the blond part - is darker when wet. So it actually looked really good after I rinsed it, conditioned it, and combed it.

Total bummer! When Hal got home, after I showed him the front (that does look good, even if a little bright), I showed him the back. He tried really hard to not laugh. And suggested we dye it again.

So, that's the plan. We're going to dye it again. Tonight. He's going to help me make sure I get the back this time.

And before anyone says anything else: I know that I'm supposed to wait a while before dying again! I'm just not going to, OK? I'm going to dye it again now, so I'm not self concious when going out into the world. :)

This time, I'm going to use a brown dye (also purchased on clearance for 75¢), rather than the red. I'm a little afraid that it'll turn the section that I missed brown and the rest will be a different shade of red, but I guess we'll see! I think brown would blend in better than yellow... *sigh*
Here goes!

I did it! All by myself!

Periodically I think back to before Hal and I got married, to when I was living with "the girls" as my roommates. I had roommates for 2 years of college before Hal and I got married. Whether I wanted things to change or not, they did.

I think the two biggest things I reflect back on and miss are:
Our middle of the night talks... occasionally, we'd feel the need to chatter late at night, while falling asleep... Hal's not such a big fan of me chattering away late at night. He thinks he needs his sleep or something. *Pish!* Surely not! ;)
(I'm just kidding, he really does need his sleep to be functional at work!)

And having someone who was willing to dye my hair... My first semester at college I had a roommate (April) who loved dying hair. I'd always thought about dying my hair, but never actually did it; I was too much of a chicken. She convinced me it would be OK... And made an addict of me!

We started out with just one color of streaks (blue, I think). Over time I got more adventurous in my streaking, until I had tons of colors to choose from: Pink, blue, purple, green, orange, red, another shade of red, a different green, etc.) It was so much fun! We'd put them in, and within a few weeks the colors would be faded enough that we'd put in a different color (or 2 or 3).

I don't remember the first time we dyed my whole hair, but it might have been the time we tried to dye it black, but didn't leave the temporary black dye in long enough. (We're not sure if it was the temporary dye, or the not long enough that did it...) My hair went purple. Grape juice purple. After the first day or so of being in complete shock, I LOVED it! It was so much fun! It slowly faded to silver, and then went away.

Later, we tried black again. It worked this time! But we did permanent dye this time... After I had somewhere around 2 inches of my blond roots grown out (it looked so bizarre!), I asked a friend (she's a friend of my Mom's who has cosmetology experience, Deanne W.) to help me bleach it. She did a wonderful job! :)

Anyways, while I still lived in Pocatello, periodically I'd get together with the girls (Sheena and Maria) and we'd dye my hair. I've had brown hair, red, black, lots of streaks, all sorts of colors! It was super fun!

And then we moved to Texas. I haven't dyed my hair since. Hal hasn't wanted to help me! (Something about the smell or the responsibility or time it takes or something.) While I might have been able to ask one of my friends from relief society to help me dye my hair, I always changed my mind at the last minute...

But I had some dye (that I found on clearance at Wal-mart on day for 75 cents - I had to buy it!) just sitting in my closet, begging to be used! ...

Today, I dyed my hair. All by myself. It went remarkably well, I think. I'm not completely sure. I was aiming for a brown with a red tinge, but... well... maybe there's a brown tinge? I have bright copper colored hair! I seem to have some lighter patches and some darker patches. (Apparently I didn't shake up the dye good enough.) But I'm of the opinion that it looks more "natural" this way. I'll have to ask Hal when he gets home. :)

Anyways, today I dyed my hair. All by myself! :)
I'm so proud of me!