Monday, November 26, 2007

I could just cry!!!

So "funny" story:
I woke up this morning to this:
This is icy-snow... brrrr!
(These are taken in the courtyard at our hotel.)

Hal and I have both been super excited because it's been 70 to 80 the last month! (With the exception of like 2 cold days where it got down to 60.)
Last Tuesday, it was like 80 degrees... Thursday (Thanksgiving) it suddenly became like 40. We're having a "cold snap" as I was told in church yesterday.
Hopefully it'll be over soon!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pictures of our house!

Here's the front of the house again!

Here's the backyard from the alley behind our house. We're going to be removing the inside fence. (It was a dog run.)

I'm standing in the same place taking these next three...

This is the living room/front room

Dining room. The corner of the door you see goes into the backyard.


These are my wonderful hall closets!

One of the three bedrooms.

Our bedroom closet...

The bathroom.

The half bath in the master bedroom (isn't it exciting? A half bath!)

As you can see, it has much the same color theme in every room. Now is when the real fun starts! I get to decorate... yay!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We are getting a house, officially!!! We have to go in today when Hal gets off work to sign the papers one more time and submit it to the Title Company! We are getting the second house!!!!! Hurray!!!!
More later....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hi all you happy people!!!

OK, so I've been neglectful. Sorry I haven't been keeping ya'll up to date on what's up!

Hal's job is fine! He seems to really like it. He's learning all sorts of fun stuff (heat exchangers and heat exchange sales). The first couple weeks were kind of annoying -- there was some conference for all Tranter's sales reps (Hal is not one) from all over the world that Hal had to go to our first week here. It was endless power point presentations, Dr. Pepper, and cookies long. Then the next week he got a new computer, which was malfunctioning. That made it hard to do his work. That got fixed though, so work is fine now! He comes home in a good mood and says he enjoys it!

House hunting is fine! We have found two that we like:

This one is cute! It's got 2 bedrooms (one of which is painted purple and yellow), 1 bathroom, a kind of funny layout (it looks like there used to be a porch on the front and back that they've enclosed and made a part of the house), it's on a corner lot with about 10 feet between the street and the fence on the side (on the left), there's a huge dying tree in the backyard that might have to be removed, and is listed with 1282 sq feet. We measured it (roughly) at 1085... there is not 200 sq ft of closets that we missed! There's maybe 60... where's the other 150 ft? And there's people living there.

This one is also cute! It's got 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, big closet spaces, an adorable tree stump in the front, an attached garage, it slopes from the house to the back fence (not a good thing), will have to have new heat/AC installed sometime soon, and is listed at 1090 sq feet. We measured it (roughly, again) at 920. However, there are probably 100 (+) sq ft of closets. Oh, and it's on the outskirts of town, and like 5 minutes from Hal's work. This one is vacant.

The houses seem to be about even, we may like the second one a tad bit better. So, we're planning on making an offer on the second one. If it's not accepted, we'll offer on the other one.

Hopefully I'll be "in contract" soon! And in a house soon after that!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy November!!!

Hi ya'll!

So today I'm way excited! I found some houses that I want to buy!! I mean some literally. There's like 4 that I'm super interested in.

AND we got pre-approved for a home loan! yay!!! So, now I just have to pick the house I really want and say "This one!" and sit back and see if it'll happen... (and go to lots of meetings... and negotiate... and sign papers... and more papers... and we'll see what else...)

But I'm totally getting a house!!! Hopefully soon. We'll see.

AND we found this awesome craft store in town called "Hobby Lobby". They've got the coolest stuff! I love craft stores! I spent like 1 1/2 hours in it the other morning (no, I didn't buy anything, just wandered all over the entire store and saw everything!)

OK, so funny story: In our bathtub here in the hotel, there's one of those plastic non-slip liners glued to the bottom. Rocket (the skinny white ferret, who is very curious and hates water!) has decided to peel it up (he's got an entire corner dug up! Bad ferret!!!). So, to prevent him digging at it, I've started filling the tub with like 3-6 inches of water to keep him out of it. He HATES water. Bathing him is awful!!!
Anyways, usually when there's water in it, he'll jump up on the ledge of the tub, see the water and get down. Today, I'm not sure what happened, he must have slipped or something...

I was sitting out on our bed cross-stitching, and I hear a "splash" I'm like "oh no", so I get up and run into the bathroom to the sound of scratching, and splashing, and in general panic!!! (He was trying to jump out but couldn't because of the water.) I walked in to see him fly (he got out!) out of the tub onto the floor. He was sooo wet! and mad and oh so cute and funny!!!
"I told you to stay out of the tub!!!"
To make the whole matter more tramatic, I decided since he's already wet, I'd give him a bath, right there in the scary tub. Then I dried him off and set him free.
As a little side note, he's now terrified of the bathroom! He went in to use his litterbox (sitting in the corner of the bathroom) like 30 minutes later, got in there, remembered, and came tearing out of there! He won't even go into the bathroom now... tee hee...

Oh the joys of ferrets...
and of house hunting...