Saturday, November 22, 2008


We're moving!

To Houston!

Hal has been offered a job as a design engineer with Oil States in Houston, TX. And he/we have taken it. So, we're going to be moving to Houston! It sounds like it will be an awesome job, actually designing things! (Which is good!) We're excited!

He starts next week...

So, I guess that means we're going to try to sell our house in Wichita Falls, and head on off to Houston! Well, we're heading off to Houston either way, so hopefully it'll sell! Whew!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pieces of news and adventures

So, I never feel like anything much is going on here... and then I start rambling and come up with all sorts of stuff to say!

I don't know that I've ever mentioned it, but I started working (as a temp) as a receptionist at a company called Burk Royalty back in June. Anyways, I've been there ever since. They offered me a "full time" job (which I find a funny term 'cause I was already doing 40 hours a week, but now I'm on their payroll, not the temp agency's) about a month ago. Neat, huh? Anyways, they're "in oil", which apparently to some people means a whole lot, but to me... not so much... it seems to be that they manage oil things. They find the fields where they think there might be money to be made by drilling for oil or minerals, take care of buying/leasing it, hire someone to drill a well, and then proceed to manage the resources (oil and money) we get out of it. Anyways, I'm slowly learning all about the oil industry. It's a pretty good job. Fairly relaxed and mostly very slow paced...

We've both gotten new callings at church. I've been released from my calling in Young Womens and I've been called to be on the enrichment committee. (Hurray! I get to got to Relief Society!) Hal's been called to be in the choir. I'd heard a rumor that if they didn't get some people to start coming regularly, they'd starting making callings, but I thought it was kind of a joke...

We did go on a couple of "outings" with our new camera last weekend. We took our ferrets to the park. As I'm sure ya'll can probably imagine, we've got hundreds of pictures of our wonderful ferrets, these two are my favorites from our latest excursion. The top one captures the ferrets perfectly. I can almost hear them thinking what is it? To chew? To hide? To play? And bonus! All three are in it! And this bottom one... well, I was following Rocket, who had to wander away, and Cocoa was stalking me! It was too cute!

And we went to Sikes Lake or Midwestern pond or whatever it's called and saw some ducks, geese, and swans. We saw a yoga texas goose. (My very favorite!)
And I attempted to chase them...
*sigh* Sadly, I'm not very committed to it, and they can tell. They don't even budge! They hiss at me though...

Also, and kind of my biggest news, I've started taking a new drug (well, new for me) for my migraines. It's called Topamax. It's... entertaining, to say the least. The side effects are WOW! But I haven't had a migraine this week... or maybe I did and I just didn't care? Not really sure what's been happening... Hmmm... jury is still out. More about that a different day, just wanted to share!