Thursday, December 23, 2010


We got a kitten at the end of May (on the 20th) that I've been meaning to blog about. She's really cute!
Not particularly nice, but cute.
When we got her, I called her Moo Kitty, or Cow Cat, because she has black and white spots and reminds me of a cow... Hal didn't like either name! I told him he should name her then.

Meet our new baby Pepper (born April 3rd). She's not exactly new anymore, but you've never met her! :)
This is our favorite way she sits. We call the back leg her kick stand. She sits all weird all the time, lopsided with one leg sticking out the side. She's not really crooked! :)

All our animals love my pink fluffy chair! It's a favorite place to sleep.

Another of my favorite pictures. She sat up there for hours (the second time she got up) before I got her down. She was afraid to jump.

Trying to decide if it's safe to jump the 6 feet to the floor... She's such a chicken!

For some reason we don't have any pictures of her as a baby, just video, so here ya'll go! Our baby pictures! We loved how her white hairs stuck out past her black hair. She was such a little fluffy kitten!

This video was taken a few days after we got her, so she's still a tiny little baby! She was so fun! And boy did she grow up fast! She hated the cat in the mirror!

This one was taken a week later.

And this one was at the end of June (a month after we got her). She's so much bigger already! They grow up so fast!

I've got so many other videos to share! :) But not today. I don't want to over do this re-blogging thing! :)