Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're just moving

Last month, we realized that our year lease on the house we've been living in was up (on June 30th). And we discussed our choices: we could keep living here, about 45 minutes from Hal's work; we could pack up, Hal could quit his job, and we could just move home to Idaho; or we could pack up and move closer to work. We decided that the third option is probably the best plan.

After looking for a new place for a bit, I found one! And was super excited 'cause it was going to be super cheap (especially compared to what we pay now)... And then I stopped in at the Sheriff's office store front that is right across the road to ask them how safe it is over there. The lady working the desk in the Sheriff's office trailer told me she'd just finished processing the report for the second armed robbery in the last 24 hours at that apartment complex.
So, we changed our minds. We don't actually want to be help up at gun point getting out of our car! (One of them was in the middle of the day, too! Scary!)

I found a different place - (that's hopefully much safer). And we signed a lease (7 month lease) at the beginning of July. Then when I was inspecting it, I found roaches living along the ceiling. So we had to wait for them to have the place fumigated. This is Texas, all apartment buildings have roaches. But they don't usually live in the ceiling! Yuck! Nasty! Anyways, hopefully they're all poisoned out now!

I've been working on packing up my house, but it's really slow going this time for some reason! I do have to get it finished today, though, 'cause the movers are coming tomorrow morning to haul all my stuff over there. Whew!

In other news, I started taking Topamax for my migraines again last month. It seems to be helping with the headaches (hip hip hooray!), but I run slower (not actual running, brain function). It's like my brain functions at part capacity. Really annoying. I already have a hard time accomplishing anything I try to do in a reasonable amount of time, but now it's almost worse. It may be getting better though...
For example... if I'm cooking dinner and I think it'll take me 1/2 hour, ordinarily it'll really take 45-50 minutes. On my Topamax, it'll take 65-75 minutes. Just 'cause.
My only other complaint is that my attention span seems to be even shorter than usual, too. When I first started the Topamax again I could focus on one thing for like 5 minutes and then I'd just walk away... ugh! But maybe as I continue to get used to the drug that'll keep getting better, too? I sure hope so!
So between the drug issues and the moving, I've been having a hard time finishing my craft projects. *sigh* Which is really a bummer, 'cause I really had some things I wanted to make! (Like a baby blanket for my new nephew, a toy for a niece who just turned 1, and something for another niece who's turning 8 in a couple of weeks.) However, it's just not working! It makes me very sad! But such is life! Maybe I'll be able to focus on things for Christmas!

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Bradbury Bunch said...

Good Luck with the move! Thanks for the update on you guys!! :) I'm bummed it's not Idaho--but then realized that you don't need to move to Idaho till 2014 so enjoy your stay in Texas till then! :) just kiddin'

You are such a wonderful auntie! Lexi still plays and plays with the apron you gave her with the pockets. You are so creative. Keep taking one day at a time, and if I were you I would much rather move slower than have mirgrains. I'm glad those are fixed!

Keep us posted and looking forward to hearing about your new place! We'll need to get your address from you.

Happy Trails!!! Does this mean you guys aren't going to be around in August by the way?? XOXOXO