Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh no!

I still haven't posted my other part of Christmas visit/vacation! I work on putting in some pictures today, so I can put it up!

But in other news, I just called the dentist office to make an appointment, and after I've explained I haven't been to the dentist in about a year and a half, and I suspect I may have a cavity. I'd like to schedule an appointment please. The kind Hispanic lady on the other end of the phone says to me...
"Would you like to see the doctor or have your teeth cleaned?"

I froze.
My first thought was "I only get to do one?!"
And then I thought well, she does have an accent, and I do frequently mis-answer questions... So to be thorough, and make sure I'm understood, I say back. "Both. I'd like have a checkup and have my teeth cleaned." Thinking this will have cleared it all up.

She says back. "You can only do one. We don't have a big enough slot for two."


Then I got to suggest to her that maybe I could come in for a check up and see the doctor, and do a teeth cleaning in a second appointment.

And the answer? "Course-course-course. We do it."

Now, if Hal hadn't already been to this dentist, and said he's good, I think I'd be re-thinking my plan to visit this office! As it is, I'm guessing this is just one of the instances of "hiring a receptionist, minimum wage, must be bilingual" gone stupidly. I HATE that about Houston!
Anyways, I just had to share!

My question I've got, and maybe Nickie would have the best insight into an answer, is this:
Do most dentist offices have a check-up and doctor visit one day, and have a cleaning a different day? Or is it possible to have them both on the same day?
From my limited researched about dentists here in Houston, and my experience in Wichita Falls, they seem to want to do 2 different appointments. And then if you have a tooth problem, it's yet another visit!
Hmmm... silly people! :) Clever, too! That way you can get at least 2 office visits out of people, and you always know exactly why they're there! :)


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Michelle Bell said...

well, last time I went in idaho-I got to have them cleaned, radiographs, and exam in the same visit. Then i could schedule for anything extra i needed after that! I need to find a dentist in MO now, hope i have better luck then you're having! Good Luck!!