Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We were hoping to have our photo shoot and get these posted before Easter, but we didn't get around to it before, so we did it today!

Happy Easter!!!
Our bunny rabbits and hatching chicks say Happy Easter, too!
Doesn't this one of Cocoa look like something you'd see advertising a pet costume? Perfect!

And just for good measure, a few more of our favorites:

I know it may look a little mean to hang Rocket upside down, but he actually likes to hang looking at the floor. (We keep a good hold on him, don't worry!) Not sure why he likes it, but he does... Silly boy!

Believe it or not, our wiggly ferrets didn't actually want to hold still for their photo shoot! They kept trying to wiggle away from/out of/shake off their outfits. *Sigh* Ferrets will be wiggly animals I guess...

But me being much bigger and tougher (and having already decided it wouldn't hurt them and also might be amusing for me) they had to pose anyways!

Note: Just for your information, there's something fairly thrilling about cutting the sides and ripping the stuffing out of stuffed animals... Who knew?!
And if you already knew that... why didn't you tell me?!


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Me said...

LOVE this! Highlight of my entire day!

Lila said...

That is hilarious! You are too funny!